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Friday, August 19, 2005

Chatter Creek Announces Terrain Additions

Aerial shot of part of Oyster Bowl in the Lakeside AdditionIt's Official - after months of waiting, Chatter Creek is now able to announce an increase of 108 sq km (42 square miles) to it's snowcat skiing tenure north of Golden BC, in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

This increase brings the total size of the cat skiing terrain to 238 sq km (92 sq mi.). The increase comes in two parts, the Lakeside Addition and the Spruce Pass Addition. The Lakeside Addition includes the huge Oyster Bowl that some lucky guests got to sample last year. It also includes the Game Creek drainage that has been shown in some of our Chatter News photos (West Side Terrain). We don't have any information yet on the Spruce Pass Addition, except that it lies north of Spruce Pass

How big is BIG? The Chatter Creek cat skiing tenure is now over seven times larger than Whistler/Blackcomb. It is twice the size of Whistler/Blackcomb, Heavenly, Vail, Squaw Valley, Mamouth and Lake Louise combined. At any one time, this enormous area is shared by just 36 guests and their six professional guides.

The Cat Skiing Terrain Web log provides a photo tour of this wonderland of powder skiing. Skiing at Chatter Creek occurs between the elevations of about 5000 ft and 9600 ft. Chatter Creek is in a productive snow belt and the alpine skiing is relatively high, yielding good quality snow that resists warm weather trends.

Please tell us at the Chatter News if you know of a snowcat skiing operation anywhere with more usable terrain. In five years of trips to Chatter Creek, your Chatter Editor and his friends have never "set ski" in any of the South Side terrain. Now we have twice the "new" area to explore.

The full news release can be found in this .PDF document or on our News Releases Weblog.