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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Cat Skiing at Chatter Creek

Chatter News is a personal Weblog (blog) that provides an independent client's view of powder skiing and boarding at Chatter Creek, in the Canadian Rocky Mountain backcountry. There is also lots here about mountain lodge construction.

This is NOT the Chatter Creek Mountain Lodge Web Site. For cat skiing tour schedules, prices, booking informtion and the OFFICIAL word about snowcat skiing and boarding at Chatter Creek, go to

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The links at the top of each Chatter News window connect to 19 photo galleries plus other info. These contain photos and information on:
 1. Glacier skiing in the Rockies, at an elevation of almost 10,000 ft.
 2. Cat skiing terrain and views from the road to Vertebrae glacier
 3. The Bombardier Snowcats used by Chatter Creek.
 4. Our group's Favorite Chatter Creek photos.
 5. Skiing in the Clamshell, a high bowl contining a small glacier.
 6. Ski Photography by Mark Gallup, great riding and ski photos.
 7. Ski Photography by John Dougall, Chatter Creek's in-house
     professional photographer.
 8. Dan Hudson Ski Photography , more great ski photos.
 9. Cat Skiing the Cut Blocks, cleared areas at lower elevations.
10. A sampling of Lodge Life at Chatter Creek
11. Happy Campers, guests enjoying themselves at Vertebrae Lodge.
12. Cat Skiing on the East Ridge with its old burns and forest glades.
13. Cat Skiing the Lodge Ridge & it's "Home Run" to the lodge door.
14. The helicopter flight to Chatter Creek
15. Travel information for skiers and boarders heading to Golden.
16. The story of the construction of Vertebrae lodge.
17. The construction of the Solitude lodge bedroom annex.
18. A photographic tour of the Cat Skiing Terrain at Chatter Creek.
      Visit all points of the Chatter Creek tenure.
19. A collection of ski articles on the Chatter Creek Web site.
20. Where is Chatter Creek uses maps and satellite images to locate
     Chatter Creek.
21. Photos and "bios" of the Chatter Creek Winter Staff
22. Ski Run Index provides photos and information on most Chatter Creek ski runs.
23. Chatter Creek Ski Runs is a large collection of photos and information referenced by the Ski Run Index. The Index provides quick access.
24. Cat Skiing Photos - a collection of prior "photos of the week".

Also, there is our illustrated Cat Skiing Articles all about cat skiing.

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