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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Helicopter Skiing at Chatter Creek

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Chatter Creek will operate a two-week introductory heli-skiing program in late March and early April, 2006.

A year ago, Chatter Creek was awarded a heli-skiing tenure that lies mostly outside of the cat skiing tenure (which has more recently been expanded by an additional 108 sq km). The heli-skiing terrain is to the north, east and south of the cat skiing areas.

This will be a limited program, with space for just 40 clients among four tours, so anyone needing a last shot of great powder skiing and interested in exploring Chatter Creek's new heli-skiing tenure should contact the office ASAP. The Bell 407 helicopter will be used. It's a fast and very comfortable machine that will accommodate a skiing group of just 5 clients plus a guide.

In the event of stormy weather, there will be no down-time. Heli-skiers will be bundled into snowcats to sample some of Chatter Creek's great cat skiing terrain. When the weather clears, the helicopter is there waiting to whisk you back to the more remote heli-runs.

Rocky Mountain views from Chatter Creek's Vertebrae Glacier Follow this link for more information about the Chatter Creek Helicopter skiing program, another opportunity to indulge yourself in Chatter Creek's exceptional powder skiing.

The photo shows a view east from Chatter Creek's Vertebrae glacier. Many of the distant snowfields will be within reach of the Chatter Creek helicopters. Mount Columbia rises in the distance on the right of the image. Click the image to enlarge it.