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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Snowboarding with the Pink Purse We expect that John Dougall will be on hand again this year to capture your great moments in the Chatter Creek powder, with or without the Pink Purse.

We're always happy to display John's great photography, or photos of Chatter Creek by the likes of Mark Gallup and Dan Hudson, but most of our material comes from Chatter Creek guests.
Snowboarding in the Chatter Creek powder snow
We hope that lots of Chatter Creek guests will come to our rescue again this year with some well taken photography. We've relied on your contributions and we've received some great submissions. Please don't be shy. Don't forget "lodge shots" for our "Happy Campers" site and your "Tales of the Pink Purse".

Many Chatter Creek ski groups use the Webshots photo sharing Web site to share one anothers photos among the group. They send us the URL for their gallery and the Chatter News can take whatever it needs. It's pretty easy for group members to upload their photos to the groups' Webshots ablum.

New door casings in Chatter Creek's Solitude Lodge There has been lots of finishing work done this summer in Solitude and Vertebrae Lodges. Door casing have been tarted up and completed. More insulation has been added and our bedrooms await us. With a second outdoor furnace, the hot tubs should be hot, even in the coldest weather. For a rundown on the summer's projects, look at our Summer at Chatter Creek Weblog. Guest bedroon in Chatter Creek's Solitude Lodge The major projects have been a second woodshed and outoddr furnace, a covered entryway for the lodges, finishing work in the lodges and some road work. The "Summar at Chatter Creek" site tells all about it.